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A new line of ingredients specially designed for the needs of the contemporary craft brewer. The craft beer explosion of the last decade has led to the revival of different beer styles, thousands of new microbreweries, and legions of american beer drinkers looking for a point of difference in their pint of brew. Craft Hops are creative new ingredients to help you keep up with the demands of craft brewing.

Craft Hops are a set of hop extracts that impart all the bitterness, flavor, and stability of the traditional hopping process. Using liquid carbon dioxide, the hop resin is drawn out of the cone into a stable oil that is a pure form of the aroma and bitterness character of the hop. Stable, convenient, and faithful to the hop it came from, Craft Hops open up a whole new range of capabilities for the enterprising craft brewer.

Craft Hops target three of the biggest problems craft brewers have with hops:

  • Beer losses to hop matter absorption
  • Equipment efficiency, cleaning, and strain
  • Consistent supply of hop varieties

Each series of Craft Hops products uses the hop botanical’s natural character to overcome a challenge in the brewing process.

brewing advantages
  • Master Your Efficiency
    An efficient, easy-to-use way for you, the brewer, to add hop aroma and flavor to your beer with extracts designed to complement and enhance the traditional brewing methods such as kettle bittering hops, late hopping and dry hopping. Using pure extract allows the brewer to exercise our advanced hopping techniques to easily maintainthe consistent flavor profiles that satisfy their most discriminating customers.
  • Exalt Mother Nature
    Carbon Dioxide and beer are already a match made in heaven, so why not carbon dioxide and Hops? Our CO2 extraction process is as natural as the beer itself, andtaking advantage of the pure hop extract we offer, gives access to the wide range of profiles and complexity that take the brew process to another level.
  • Craft Bold Flavor
    Blended and Master Series formulations combine hop varietal oils to provide the brewer with a unique combination of flavor and aroma for their beers. Often mixing new and old world hops helps create a truly sensational sensory experience that breaks through the limits of traditional hopping techniques.
  • Seize The Source
    With access to the pure and natural single varietal hop extracts we provide, you can establish a consistent supply of your favorite hops, and the distinct flavor profile that comes along with them. We can also provide hard-to-get hops from our ever expanding list of varietals sourced worldwide, allowing you to bypass the large purchasing contracts that the big brewers use to keep others out.
  • Hold It Steady
    Did your assistant brewer throw the hops at the wrong time? Refined hop fractions are designed to target specific notes for both the flavor composition as well as the aromatic burst. A touch of natural Hop extract can revive your off-batch and bring back the bittering profile and aromatic hop aroma you were shooting for.


Unlike traditional hops, the character of the Craft Hops products have their full effect when added post fermentation.  As they are all beer-soluble, the Craft Hops products are typically added in the bright tank, serving vessels, fermenter or at any point during post fermentation beer transfer without the need for additional mixing.  Wherever they are added, Craft Hops bring the vision of a perfectly tuned beer into sharp focus.

The Brewing Process

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The Single Barrel Series is inspired by specific hop varieties.  Each extract is taken solely from one specific variety of hop and imparts its profile in the brewing process.  Whether it’s Kent Goldings, Magnum, or Wakatu, the Single Barrel Series provides the true character of the cone in extract form.  With the availability of certain varieties always in question and the feasibility of storage limited, having a supply of Cascade hop character ready at a moment’s notice can be a lifesaver.


Fresh with Grapefruit notes.  As one of the bold American Three C’s hops, Cascade is a mainstay of hoppy ales.

Kent Goldings

Mellow and Complex.  A classic choice for English and Belgian ales with floral and spicy tones.


Subtle and Spicy.  Magnum’s understated aroma and flavor are complemented by a clean bittering profile and smooth mouthfeel.


Zesty Citrus.  Wakatu exhibits the citrus juice character common in many South Pacific hops.


The Blended Series approaches hop character from the perspective of a beer style rather than as an extract of a single hop variety.  It combines the aroma of several different varieties to achieve a certain character profile sought after among brewers and drinkers alike.  Just as Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook come together for a robust American IPA profile, other Blended Series creations mirror the hop aroma of a beer style in one character-boosting ingredient.

Deep Sea

Our unique blend of mega hops gives you a serious hop intensity typical of a US pale ale.


A mix of new and old world hops certain to blow your mind. Fruity and herbal note explosion.


Combining the finest English hops with subtle fruity notes for the perfect golden ale.

Midnight Blush

Accentuates floral notes and provides a light scented rose petal aroma.

Pear-fect 10

With pear notes this provides an interesting sweet fruits aroma and flavor.


Citrus in nature, Sunburst offers a refreshing hoppy balance suited to most beer styles.


The Late Hopping Series is a fine tuning instrument for a beer’s hop character.  Using supercritical CO2, we can pick and choose different fractions of hop essential oils that express a particular flavor or aroma.  This can be the citrusy part of a northwestern hop variety or it can be a fraction that matches the subtle hop profile of an ale or stout.  This flexible group of products makes an excellent accent to the rest of a beer’s hop bill, especially when paired with bold hop additions.


Add a traditional, subtle hint of spicy and floral notes to your beer.


Provides a strong citrus, grapefruit note and enhances the floral taste.


Hop oil fraction delivering a subtle, fruity character.


Fractionated hop oil product designed to enhance the ‘fresh’ hop and fruit flavours in beer.


Fractionated hop oil product, contributes a ‘green’ note to beer and enhances the fruity and fresh hop flavours. Also useful in suppressing cereal and sulphury character.


Low and alcohol free beer need not taste the same again.


Gives an IPA hopped beer a serious boost.


Hop fractions combined to give flavour to this often maligned beer style.


Clean, crisp and refreshing!


High geraniol content provides a floral, rose character.


Fractionated hop oil product providing spicy, grassy and woody notes. Also adds body and improves mouthfeel.


A floral, geraniol note which complements dark, chocolately malt flavours.


Fractionated hop oil product used for suppressing ‘off notes’ and boosting flavour in low alcohol beers. Enhances the woody and spicy notes in beer.


Products in the Dry Hopping Series are composed of the solubilized oils of individual hop varieties.  We’ll distill a batch of Centennial, Target, or Magnum, and convert that oil into an easy to add post fermentation extract.  One of our more popular product lines, the Dry Hopping Series is a direct way to get the intense aroma and flavor of a particular hop variety into your beer without incurring major losses to absorption and filtering.  Be sure to inquire for our full list of hop varieties.


Citrus fruits aromas will bring you to attention.


An intense burst of citrus.


Strong floral and pine character.


Make your IPA shout with grapefruit and pine notes.


A heady burst of tangerine and grapefruit.


A pilsner style with grassy and herbal characters.

Kentish Gold

Spicy, earthy, typical english pale ale style.


A powerful burst of citrus lemon and lime.


Unique tropical fruit, floral and earthy characters.


Strong, bold passionfruit and citrus notes.

Pacific Northwest

Spicy and citrus aromas great for US pale ales.

South Pacific

Fresh floral and marmalade characteristics.

Super Citrus

A zesty smack in the face.


Provides a powerful orange, citrus aroma

Uncle Sam

That unmistakable citrus and geraniol style


Fruity and gooseberry notes, there is only one outcome


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